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Surface Book 2 Latest News & Updates: No more 2-in-1 Hybrid Design; Windows 10 Creator Update Will Release Soon

Mar 21, 2017 09:14 AM EDT

Microsoft company is set to release their latest device, Surface Book 2 this coming April. Together with this news, Surface Book 2 will have two big changes before it arrives in the market.

There were some reports that Surface Book 2 laptops started the production, however, the production itself was not the one that caught the attention of everyone. According to DigiTimes, Microsoft will transform the Surface Book 2 from 2-in-1 hybrid design to regular clamshell design. Reports stated that the reason why the company changes the design of Surface Book was the conflict with Surface Pro when it comes to product position. By dropping the traditional hybrid design, Surface Book 2 is set to compete with other Microsoft OEM partners including Dell's XPS 13 and Lenovo's Yoga line.

Microsoft adjusted their Surface products, which include the Core i5 128 GB model. From $1,499, the selling price dropped to $1,299. The reason behind this change in selling price was to clear their inventory and welcome the arrivals of new devices. As for the Surface Book 2, the new laptop device will have its starting price of $1,000 instead of $1,500. It was more affordable than the other devices including MacBook Pro that starts around $1,499 to $3,199. The company's lower selling price of Surface Book 2 was because of the limited demand of the Surface Book due to its high price level. Due to its new and lower selling price, experts are expecting that Surface Book 2 will reach the 1.2 - 1.5 million units of shipments in 2017.

In addition, Microsoft will start to release the Creator Update for Windows 10 in April. Just in time for the unveiling of Surface Book 2. Together with the 13.5-inch display, Surface Book 2 design will base on a magnesium-aluminum frame. With the major changes that Microsoft made, Surface Book 2 will still be a phenomenal laptop device once it arrives in the market.

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