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Nintendo Switch: New Stocks Coming This Week as Nintendo Plans to Double Switch Production

Mar 21, 2017 08:38 AM EDT

Nintendo's latest generation console, the Nintendo Switch, continues to be one of the most wanted after gaming systems this year. The demand for the Nintendo Switch has become so high that Nintendo in fact now has problems with its supply. Luckily, the company has now announced that they will be doubling its production to meet the rising demand of Switch Console.

According to a Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is reportedly planning to double production of its Switch console that launched on March 3, due to high demand. The publication notes that Nintendo had initially aimed to manufacture eight million Switch consoles, the company is said to produce 16 million during the fiscal year starting in April 2017. That dubbed as Nintendo is hoping to sell more than 10 million Switches in a 12-month period.

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Switch has become its fastest selling debut console in the United States, as per Chicago Tribune. As of the moment, those who are looking to get Nintendo Switch console will have some issues finding one in different retailers and online shops. There are still units available on auction websites like eBay, but most of them have stratospheric prices which even reach more than $4,000.

ARS Technica reported that majority of the consoles that are available on auction sites now average about $440 that is a $47 percent increase from the normal price. Other Nintendo Switch packages which include accessories and games also demand a high price with an average of $525.

GameStop, who is one of the largest video game retailers, has also announced that they should be getting a fresh supply of Nintendo Switch consoles by this week, especially on March 22. Restocks don't usually warrant a press release, but the company has chosen to send out an announcement for buyers to prepare themselves for the arrival of new consoles this week.

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