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‘Clash Royale Bandit Challenge’ Tips & Tricks: Which Cards to Pick to Secure a Win in the Bandit Challenge

Mar 21, 2017 03:45 AM EDT

The Bandit Challenge has officially rolled out on "Clash Royale" and a lot of players have rushed in with the hopes of obtaining the newest legendary card, Bandit. This new game mode works similar to any other Draft Challenges, except that only one player can use the Bandit. This unlikely twist paves the way for a wide array of strategies in playing with and against a player who has the Bandit card.

A post on Clash Royale Arena highlights that one of the most crucial aspects of this Bandit Challenge is the decision of whether or not to choose the Bandit. Doing so could be one of the best options for this "Clash Royale" challenge. While it has its pros and cons, the bottom line is that the soundest choice would be to go ahead and choose the Bandit since it is a new card and could be hard to deal with.

With that, a player should be careful in choosing the right cards for the Bandit Challenge. This includes Graveyard, Swarm, Log, Pocket Cards and, of course, the Bandit Card. The Graveyard Card is arguably one of the best ones because it is capable of shutting down multiple decks and can make unpredictable counter-pushes. While the card is quite rare in the event, once it shows up on "Clash Royale," it would be best to opt for that.

In Clash Royale's Bandit Challenge, Mobi Picker notes that one of the Bandit's biggest weaknesses is the swarm of troops. Players can choose amongst the Minion, Goblin, and Skeleton for this effect. If there appears to be an opportunity to take a Swarm Card, then a player should do so right away especially when going against a player with the Bandit Card.

In the Bandit Challenge, a player should also secure Pocket Cards. Just as it holds true in any other strategy game, there is an element of surprise that may decide whether or not a player wins. When used properly on "Clash Royale," a Pocket Card can deliver a win effortlessly.

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