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LG G6 Latest News & Updates: LG’s Flagship Mobile Device Will Be Available Starting March 22 In T-Mobile

Mar 21, 2017 03:56 AM EDT

For those who want to have a pre-order of LG G6, the device is now available on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. However, T-mobile recently announced that their pre-order will begin this coming March 22, 2017.

T-Mobile will sell the LG G6 for $26 a month for 24 months and an additional down payment of $26. The total cost of this device will bring you to $650. However, if you were able to purchase the LG G6 before April 30, you will have a free Google Home speaker that usually costs $129. LG G6 device from T-Mobile will be available on April 7 in black and silver colors.

Aside from T-Mobile, other retailers had opened the pre-orders of LG G6 such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Each retailer has different special offers to earn more consumers for LG G6 US availability:


Pre-order from Verizon started last March 17 for LG G6. They have two options: $28 a month for 24 months without down payment or a total of $672.


AT&T opened the pre-orders of LG G6 on the same day with Verizon. The retailer offered the options of $24 a month for 30 months with no down payment or a full price of $719.99. Together with T-Mobile, AT&T will give a free Google Home speaker as a freebie.


Pre-order opened last March 17 with ice platinum and black color availability of LG G6. They offered $29.50 a month with 24 monthly installments. Sprint added the deal with their 49-inch LG HDTV free.

US Cellular

US Cellular offers plans with three-no-money-down installment. That includes $19.92 per month for 30 months, $24.90 for 24 months and $29.88 for 20 months. Aside from these, you can choose to buy LG G6 for $549.99.

As for the other countries, LG G6 will be available in Canada's Videotron on April 7. The device will costs for about $199.95 on a two-year contract and they have monthly plans that start at $79.95. Videotron will offer a free LG PH3 Bluetooth speaker usually costs $89.95 if you order the LG G6 between March 15 and April 7. In Europe's Media Mark, LG G6 costs €750 in Germany with black, platinum and white colors.

LG G6 is the newest flagship mobile device of LG Company. This smartphone has 1440 x 2880 pixels with 18:9 aspect ratios. In addition, LG G6 was the first LG mobile device that is a water-resistant handset and to feature Dolby Vision HDR. Other features are 13-megapixel cameras, wireless charging and 32-GB storage capacity. LG G6 will be widely available on April 7, 2017.

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