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Microsoft 10 Update: New Software Updates on March; Necessary Updates for Satellite Broadband, Pay-Per-Use Bandwidth

Mar 21, 2017 03:53 AM EDT

Microsoft users will have no other choice with their updates since Windows 10 will update, which could be off to some people. Fortunately, the operating system will only add those deemed necessary with their update on computers having satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth.

This Microsoft update is mandatory for users to have a smooth and convenient usage of Windows 10. In addition, The Redmond-based American multinational technology company is updating its system in order not to encounter huge patches. It is also expected to fix issues on the system.

This may not be a problem for Microsoft users having an unlimited service plan. In an article posted by Engadget, the update may have an issue for people using satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth since it might end up being charged for data usage that they never planned to use in the first place

In response, Microsoft made sure to its users that the update will just automatically install updates necessary for Windows 10 to keep running smoothly and except for computers relying on satellite broadband and pay-per-use bandwidth. 

In addition, an article from Express said that Windows claimed that they have no plans on sending huge updates on their users who are using limited connections. Microsoft also insisted that it is just going to add updates that can fix issues deemed critical in the future.

In the previous year, Microsoft was also involved in a case that cost them for forcing an update. They were forced to pay a user named Teri Goldstein $10,000 for not being willing to receive updates on her Windows 10 program because of her slow computer.

The Windows 10 upgrade will have VR support and better X-box integration for their user. A feature called Windows MyPeople will allow users to share photos and documents to other computers without apps. In addition, Microsoft will also have some playable ads that will allow users to try first the apps before installing.

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