May 27, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

New Pokémon Game Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch? Game Freak Has Dropped Some Hints

Mar 21, 2017 03:06 AM EDT

The spinoff version of Pokémon Sun and Moon could be headed to the new Nintendo console - Nintendo Switch and will be released in the nearest future. Codenamed as "Stars", the new version is a concept similar to Pokémon Red and Blue's Yellow or Pearl and Diamond's Platinum.

Pokémon game developer Game Freak has posted a job listing full of "suspicions" on its website, creating a strong alibi that the company is indeed in the progress of creating a new Pokémon game to Nintendo's brand new console. Last year, Eurogamers said the game is currently under development and will be released this year.

Pokémon Sun and Moon - the latest Pokémon game which is also the new generation of the incredibly popular Nintendo RPG game debuted last December 2016. Game Freak has the tendency to release the spinoff version in every generation, except Generation 6 Pokémon X and Y - which followed by Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire instead of the heavily rumored Pokémon Z.

If the rumors about Pokémon Stars are true, this will be the first time fans will see the mainline Pokémon series spanning separate Nintendo consoles within the same generation of games. It also means that Nintendo Switch will be the first Nintendo home console to host the main Pokémon adventure after 20 years.

According to the speculations, Pokémon Stars will feature high-res graphics and new bits that are not available in the current duo 3DS Pokémon game. Fans are also able to trade Pokémon back and forth between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS via Pokémon Bank mobile app. Also, there is also the chance that new Pokémon will make their debut in Pokémon Stars.

The main Pokémon games have so far stick to handheld consoles because they're made for battling and trading on the go with friends. With the revolution that the Nintendo Switch has brought to the table as a home and also handheld console, there should be no roadblocks for Pokémon games to expand further from 3DS. 


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