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Macbook Pro 2016 Touchbar Hacked At Pwn2On Competition

Mar 21, 2017 03:02 AM EDT

Cupertino giant Apple last year, released the successor to the Macbook line-up of their premium laptops segment. The new MacBook Pro 2016 also came with a new and unique touch bar that replaced the iconic function keys which were directly integrated into the new touch bar.

Among other updates, Macbook Pro 2016 were also better in thermal efficiency even if their processing chips were still limited to only dual or quad-core architecture that led to a lot of customers questioning about their 'pro' naming scheme. However, new reports emerge that the US $2000+ laptops are easily vulnerable, with a demonstration by a duo of participants at the Pwn2Own competition that took place recently.  

Details from Forbes revealed that the duo in question, Samuel Groß, and Niklas Baumstark easily bypassed the operations on the new Touchbar with a simple Safari exploit. The move apparently granted them deeper access to the operating system which then led to the hijack.

Even if it was a partial success, both of them were jointly awarded US$28000 who'll now help Apple in reporting the process to them completely. With that said, they easily managed to highlight the security lapses in the new MacBook Pro laptops from Apple. That said, the event takes place to apparently highlight all issues in hardware also letting developers receive detailed reports and also a process for the fix so that the end-user remains unaffected.

Pwn2Own celebrated their tenth year anniversary this year and participants in the event also came out with their success even if it was up to a little extent. Sources from BGR highlighted the partial success of these two who managed to gain control of an exploit in Apple's Safari browser.

The content that takes place annually offers a huge prize for all people who succeed at it. The event also helps developers and manufacturers by getting to know about the various security lapses and other kinds of hardware compromises.


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