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'Fairy Tail' Chapter 527 Update & Spoilers: What Could Be Mavis' Plan to Defeat Zeref?

Mar 20, 2017 12:08 PM EDT

The manga of "Fairy Tail" released its latest chapter and journey and heartbreaks will be revealed and it would continue to pile up. Readers were revealed with the most awaited meeting between August and Mavis. This chapter also shows Mavis' plans on how to triumph Zeref for once and for all.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 features the anticipated meeting between the mother and son August and Mavis. The manga shows that the two were torn apart from each other since August was born.

However, the scene was considered as a disappointment because of Hiro Mashima, the artist of "Fairy Tail", built up the story and ended it that way. It could be speculated that Mashina was in a quick try to finish and squeeze the late scenes of the manga's final arc.

The last chapter also ended with Cana and Gildarts arriving on a dangerous attack on Gildarts. The recent chapter of "Fairy Tail" also shows that those powerful attacks were not even effective on him.

This just shows the strength of August. He is also considered as the strongest on in the Spriggan 12. He was risen from the rubbles and announced that he was born with a large amount of magic power.

Because Zeref saved his life, August said that he should sacrifice his body just to reveal a power that could take everyone down in "Fairy Tail". After August finally shows his true powers, Mavis finally recognized his son's magic as one of the ancient magic arts that could evaporate blood of living beings and melt the earth.

August also caught the glimpse of Mavis suffering. He suddenly has a change of heart by stopping his spell and vanishing into thin air, something that he could have to imagine what he could do to his mother in "Fairy Tail"

To know more about what happened with the chapter, watch the video below. To know more, watch the video here. To get more "Fairy Tail" information, stay tune.

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