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LG G6 News & Updates: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Is Offering Free Items, Easy Payment on Pre-order

Mar 21, 2017 02:35 AM EDT

One of the greatest Android phones, LG G6 is now available for pre-order at selected stores. Although, the consumers can buy their favorite LG flagship device, but there are only a few stores to buy it. Some of the biggest retail come forward to facilitate the distribution.

Verizon recently opened its services for its users who are eagerly wanted to buy the latest LG G6. The store is even offering promos for the new device which includes a trade-in credit amounting to $200 and a free 43-inch LG television. But if the Verizon users don't want to use the promos, then the retailer even offers two more options to buy the device.

The giant retailer encourages the users to pay $28 per month in order to get the $672 priced LG G6, as reported by 9 To 5 Google. This is quite affordable as the user does not have to pay the full price of the phone. Apart from Verizon, other retailers like AT&T are also providing attractive deals for the latest LG device.

Although AT&T is charging a higher price than Verizon, the deal is quite attractive to grab. They are offering the latest LG G6 at $719, but the buyers have the option to own the device. The buyer can pay $24 per month for 30 months in order to buy the device.

They are also offering a great option of a 2-year agreement. In the agreement, the buyer has to pay $49 per month and it also includes LG Watch Sport along with the LG G6. The pre-order shipping will begin from April 7.  Besides, Verizon and AT&T, you can buy the upcoming LG product from Sprint.

As Sprint is a tough competitor of Verizon, it too jumped in to take pre-orders of LG G6. However, the cost of Sprint is more than Verizon, it still has offers that are hard to resist. The buyers grab the Sprint offer which has a $29.50 for 24 months credit system. 


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