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Sony Xperia L1 Spotted With Certification for Russian Market

Mar 21, 2017 02:48 AM EDT

Japanese electronics supergiant Sony are expected to announce a new smartphone to their 'Xperia' series, with recent rumors indicating that the phone Xperia L1, has already secured telecommunications certification in Russia. Sony might plan to announce it later this year with the model number G3312. The Sony  Xperia L1 is the likely successor to the obsolete Xperia L that was released sometime in 2013.

Sources from Phone Arena allege that the Sony Xperia L1 will likely come out with a similar price and specifications on paper, indicating that if at all there any changes, it might be in the software and hardware department. The Xperia L design might be retained by Sony for the upcoming smartphone.

At the moment, there are no speculations about its possible hardware specs chart but that said, the Sony Xperia L1 might likely be equipped with similar hardware checklist likely indicating that the phone might be arriving at a price point of around the US $250 about the same of its predecessor. Sony plans to continue developing their Xperia smartphone lineup with XZ Premium, XA1 and XA 1 ultra.

Meanwhile, details from GSMArena reveals the addition of the integer to the naming scheme for Sony Xperia L1 will not affect its design as per current rumors which might change at a later point in time. The phone is least expected to run on Android Marshmallow OS v6.0 if not the recent Nougat OS.

For reference, The Xperia L had a 4.3-inches of TFT display with a resolution 480p. The storage was indeed expandable with the help of a Micro-SD up to a capacity of 32GB. A Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of memory pretty much was the powerhouse of the phone. GSMArena rates its price group at a mere 3 out 10. That said, the phone also was NFC capable alongside dual-band Wi-Fi services.


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