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Microsoft Surface Phone Reportedly Postponed; Other New Foldable Windows 10 Phone Releasing This Year

Mar 20, 2017 08:37 AM EDT


The Microsoft Surface Phone's release is reportedly postponed for this year. However, reports claim that this move has been taken to give the way to a different "Windows 10 Phone" model that will be given a priority release this 2017.

It was beforehand believed that the rumored Surface Phone, which is expected to bring down other flagships when released this year. That is until Reddit user zombieacc disclosed Microsoft's new plans in a post.

The news is coming from a former employee of one of Microsoft's contractor; there are lots of interesting plans which company has in store currently. Among those, there is the release of a new Windows 10 Phone this year. According to a Reddit user zombieacc this particular phone is not the heavily speculated Surface Phone that he said would be released later, most likely in 2018 or 2019.This latest information is contrasting to the speculations that "Windows 10 ARM" will be available this year.

With this news, the rumor mill went into overdrive and has speculated what the Windows Phone 2017 might be. This will be the first phone that the Redmond-based company which will be releasing after selling its mobile business that they acquired from Nokia. That is why the community is interested in what could be in store for them.

Previous reports from different sites have indicated that the release of Surface Phone might happen alongside the release of Redstone 3. Since both were previously expected to get a debut in Fall 2017. Additionally, other Surface devices were also expected to be released at the same time. If the recent revelation from the Reddit user is to be believed, then fans will be seeing the new phone later than expected.

The Reddit user has also added that Microsoft is not giving up on the Surface phone and also wondered on why the company has not spoken about the Windows 10 phone. He then went on with his observation which suggests that it could be one of Microsoft's marketing strategies.

Microsoft might be taking their time developing a smartphone that will challenge the leading flagship phones currently. This is in line with the recent patent which has appeared showing that the company is working on a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet. The patents were revealed by MSPowerUser. It mentioned that the Redmond-based company is planning of creating a foldable phone which will function as a smartphone when folded and as a tablet when not.

If indeed, the Surface Phone will be delayed this year, then most likely it is speculated Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will no longer be available in the device. This will be out of date by the time the phone gets a release on the alleged year.

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