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‘Overwatch’ Player Receives Donations For Better Specs After Poking Fun At ‘Potato PC’ On Reddit

Mar 20, 2017 08:41 AM EDT

After Ethan, a Reddit user, posted a gif on the “Overwatch” subreddit of a Play of the Game on the specs of the computer he was using to play the game, generous players offered him computer parts so he could upgrade. In his posting, besides sharing the specs of his PC, Ethan described his computer as a “potato PC.” His device runs on AMD Radeon 8400 with 512MB of RAM.

Community With Toxic Players

The RAM is 200MB less than what “Overwatch” requires to run. But gamers proved that although “Overwatch” is known for toxic players who could be racist and sexist and even posting insults on other players, could also be generous. Hours after his posting on the subreddit, Ethan got offers for spare computer parts to boost its specs.

The offers include a new EVGA 660, new motherboard, processor and new power supply. Automationdonation offered an EVGA 660, while acer589 offered a 770. After the outpouring of generosity, TempusFugitive posted on the Reddit “Overwatch” community page that “the grass isn’t always greener.” It is still an online shooter community characterized by rampant toxicity and over reaction to every sign of change. But he admits “we have our moments.”

Very Low Settings

Ethan actually wanted to boast of his good play despite using a computer, where he plays “Overwatch,” with all settings so low, PC Gamer points out. After the offers of computer parts donation, Ethan wrote, “I honestly didn’t expect this and it’s so amazing that a community would bond together like this.” He confesses to being on Reddit for a long time as a lurker. He found it nice that the community backed him up even if most members do not know him.

Besides the offer of PC parts, one member of the “Overwatch” community in Reddit offered to help Ethan, a college student, to pick up the donated parts so the gamer could have a complete build within his means.

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