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'The Evil Within 2' News: Leaked Job Listing of Bethesda’s PS4 Survival Horror Hints Sequel; Details Will Be Unveiled at BE3 Expo

Mar 20, 2017 12:02 PM EDT

The game's plot of Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror is centered around Sebastian Castellanos who through a nightmarishly distorted world has to solve puzzles and defeat monstrous enemies. Shinji Mikami as the video game designer has also created other successful survival horror titles, including "Resident Evil" and "Dino Crisis."

Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror hasn't been officially announced, but with the prequel being a howling success, gaming enthusiasts expect that the second installment will be in production by now. Just recently, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have posted a job listing for the game, hinting that the sequel will be coming for real.

The job posting for Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror was first spotted by NeoGaf user, Dusk Golem. The job listing is written in Japanese and if it was translated, the vacancy is for a project called "Psycho Break 2," namely the Japanese title for "The Evil Within."

The position that the game developer and publisher seem to seek is for translation and bug testing jobs. It is believed that Tango Gameworks has been working on its latest title for two years now, which many expected Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror to be unveiled at the upcoming E3 2017 in LA around mid-June, as reported by Attackofthefanboy.  

According to PSU, no official statement is given regarding Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror (or "Psycho Break," as its original Japanese title), however, the job listing mentions about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of platforms. It is expected that Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" survival horror will still follow the same gameplay, providing players two-story based expansions in the form of 'The assignment' and 'The Consequence'.

Gaming Enthusiasts can still anticipate that Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2" PS4 survival horror will still happen as the original game was a commercial success. Gameranx gives out a report that more details regarding this latest survival horror game hit will be around during this year's E3 Expo when Bethesda will hold a press briefing about its video game collection titles. It's good to take every news and information with a grain of salt for now.

The video below contains the gameplay of "The Evil Within" that shows similarity to the upcoming Bethesda's "The Evil Within 2." Share your thought in the comment section below.

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