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iMac 2017 News, Release Date, Update: New iMac Arriving This Month With Killer Specs & Feature

Mar 20, 2017 05:22 AM EDT

Apple iMac 2017 is one of the most highly anticipated devices. If recent reports are to be believed then there's a huge likelihood that Apple might use AMD's latest RYZEN chips for the iMac 2017 in the place of Intel's i7 chips.

According to an Architosh report, AMD's new RYZEN 7 1800x hasn't only set a new record in a CPU performance benchmark, but it has also exceeded the Intel i7 when it comes to performance per watt. AMD's new chips also agree with Apple's shift to focus more on the economy of energy consumption as compare to maximum performance.

The report also mentioned that AMD's RYZEN 7 is "extremely Apple-esque," since the chips are able to deliver great performance at a much smaller wattage. The RYZEN 7 1800x and the 1700x have thermal design points of 95W as compared to 140W for Intel's i7.

But the real advantage that AMD's new RYZEN chips will be focused mainly on the cost factor. At just $499, the AMD RYZEN 7 1800x performs better at just half the cost of the Intel i7 that is priced at $1,089. According to Macworld, if Apple was said to use AMD's chips for its iMac 2017 then it would likely be on certain iMac models.

AMD RYZEN chips will likely be used on the cheaper iMac models. However, it's not only AMD's processors that Apple will be using in the upcoming iMac but AMD's Polaris graphics set will also be used for the iMac 2017.

The AMD Ryzen's integration in the iMac 2017 will also bring the potential of a VR support, which is the feature that has long been demanded, as per PC Advisor. The 27-inch iMac 2017 will be getting the most important upgrades starting with an OLED Touch Bar borrowed from the MacBook Pro.

As for the release of iMac 2017, Macworld has reported that it's possible for the new models to be announced during this month. But without any formal announcement from Apple, it is just a rumor. The other rumored date for the release of iMac 2017 would be during the WWDC 2017 on June 5 to 9.

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