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PlayStation 4 Update: Latest Update Causes Network Problem; How To Fix It

Mar 20, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

The Playstation 4 update, which is the 4.50 update, is the recent and one of the major update released for the gaming console. It is expected to bring huge changes but it also brought some problems with network connectivity with the Internet using the WiFi Router.

In various PlayStation 4 community boards, it has been always the rant of users that they are hardly getting any network connectivity. Once they were able to get connected, the game is lagging, hampering the quality time of the users with the console.In addition, reports also said that players encounter an error message of having the wrong password when in fact, they actually put the correct password. Some of them reported that they keep on receiving the error code NW-31297-2.

In a report by Slash Gear, it is said that Sony does not believe that the PlayStation 4 update is the root cause of the problem. They said that they recommended their users to contact their internet providers instead of blaming them for the issue.

They also said that users of the PlayStation 4 have already complained about getting cold shoulders with these issues from their tech support. This is a clear indication for them to not acknowledge the issue and its relation to the latest update.

One of the recommended tricks to fix this problem with the PlayStation 4 just connects the device through Ethernet. This requires the users to have an Ethernet cable and connect it to the back of PlayStation 4 and the ports on the router. Users could refer to the PS Manual for more detailed instruction.

This may work but it is not a hundred percent guarantee for everyone who has connectivity problems with the PlayStation 4. There were several users who cannot do this because of their location from their console since they are reliant on their WiFi.

Another recommendation is to disable the 802.11 N and use B/G only instead. They can check the users manual or try to search on the Internet on how to access the configuration menu.

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