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iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Have Curved Edges On an OLED Panel

Mar 20, 2017 04:28 AM EDT

Apple will be introducing their new iPhone 8 in fall this year. The Cupertino giant has planned for major changes in terms of design and hardware specifications since Apple will be celebrating their tenth year anniversary of selling their iPhones. The iPhone 8 will supposedly have one more variant with a bigger  5.8-inch display, one of its first from Apple in years to come.

Fresh reports emerge, this time from MacRumors indicate that the Apple iPhone 8 will not be having a front-facing home button and will be implemented in a different way. With rumoured wireless charging, metals are obviously out of touch due to compatibility issues. Hence, the report reveals that the new iPhones will be having a rear glass panel if wireless charging is certain from the Cupertino firm.

Apple seems to be testing numerous prototypes for the new iPhone 8 that's due in September this year. Earlier reports indicated about Apple reportedly ditching the IPS panels for better OLED displays rumoured to be curved on the sides, but with no added functionality. Apple also plans to integrate the touch ID built directly into the phone's camera to completely blank out the front face of the phone.

Meanwhile, details from The Daily Express report that Apple will no longer retain the numeric branding for their iPhones, meaning the iPhone 8 might not even be the final name for the new iPhone that's expected this year. The report alleges that Apple will simply call it the iPhone 2017 edition, possibly due to claims from a Japanese blog that mainly reports about Apple and their devices.

The iPhone 2017 edition or so will it be called as, will be the top-of-the-range flagship from Apple with a price of US$1000 that will be supposedly be made of glass, aluminium or even white ceramic body for the device. At the moment, the next iPhone reportedly continues to develop fresh stories on a daily basis. That said, it's actually worth waiting for an actual announcement from Apple, while until then the rumours will continue to be just 'rumours'. 


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