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'Senran Kagura: Beach Peach Splash' Prepares Its Way For Super Sonico DLC, Western Release Planned

Mar 20, 2017 02:16 AM EDT

"Senran Kagura: Beach Peach Splash" is all about shooting other players with water on both water guns, water grenades, or skills. The game features an amazing design and character presentation, which stresses on cute yet sexy. The game is a bit of an erotic game, which is why this is not suitable for young audience. However, the game is still fun to play, especially when Marvelous announced a new character on their roster that is Super Sonico. She will be available through downloadable content.

Marvelous recently announced their DLC content during their live stream on YouTube. The stream is five hours long revealing possible aspects in the game including the "Room" features and overall gameplay using different characters.

Super Sonico as DLC and planned released for the West

Super Sonico in "Senran Kagura: Beach Peach Splash" will be added as a DLC. However, Marvelous did not yet announcement when they are going to release Super Sonico, according to Gematsu. Fortunately, as previous reports and statistics from Marvelous, they are planning to release the game in the West.

"Senran Kagura: Beach Peach Splash" is already released in Japan in multiple versions for the PlayStation 4 console. Regarding the financial results report, it can be viewed here. This is good news for Western players that are waiting for the game because they will have a chance to experience what Japanese players are experiencing now. Otherwise, they will try to play the game with Japanese interface, which they don't understand. However, for those Westerners trying hard to study Japanese, playing the game in either language is convenient.

The 5-hours live stream can be viewed above, but for those who prefer another stream from Marvelous that shared this announcement, the shorter stream can be viewed below. The full picture of the announcement can be viewed on Crunchyroll's post.

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