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LG G6 Latest News & Update: Device to Hit Market On April 7; Pre-Order, Price Details From US Carriers Revealed

Mar 18, 2017 08:06 AM EDT

There's a lot to like about the LG's latest flagship G6. After trying out the whole modular phone thing with the G5 last year, LG is now returned this year with a more practical premium phone which fits a 5.7-inch display into a phone body that is normally designed for a 5.2-inch screen. Currently major U.S. carriers have announced the LG G6 will launch on April 7. The carriers have revealed pre-order details, availability and prices which range from $650 to $720, depending on the carrier.

T-mobile will ship the LG G6 for $26 initial down payment and $26 per month for 24 months that is a total of $650 for the full retail price. T-mobile offers one of the better prices that you can find for the LG G6 while comparing to any carriers in the United States. Currently, there is no information yet regarding pre-orders from T-mobile, unfortunately buyers will have to wait until April 7 for pre-order details, according to Neowin.

Availability for the LG G6 at AT&T has also been released as well. Buyers can now pre-order the LG G6 starting March 17.

However, AT&T has not stated the full retail price but for those who are on the Next line program, it will cost $24/month for 30 months for AT&T Next customers. It will be $30/month over 24 months for AT&T Next Every Year subscribers. AT&T is also featuring some other promos like you can get a free LG G6, after monthly credits, if you open another AT&T Next line, as well as an LG Watch Sport for $49.99 for a 2-year contract, as per Mashable.

For Verizon, you can get the LG G6 for $672, which is its full retail price. It is like $28 per month for 24 months with $0 down. If you want your LG G6 as soon as possible then Verizon is in the way. Pre-orders for the said smartphone will open on March 17 while the official availability is expectedly on March 30. It will be a full week earlier than both AT&T and T-Mobile official April 7.

Verizon is also giving a free Google Home with the purchase of the phone. Additionally, You can score yourself a 43-inch Smart TV if you switch to the Verizon or add a line with the LG G6 with monthly payments & an unlimited data plan.

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