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Microsoft Surface Studio Latest News & Update: Flexibility Will Score Well With The Creative Minds And Illustrators

Mar 18, 2017 10:12 AM EDT

Microsoft continues to enjoy the success of its Surface series, flexible all-in-one solutions that are seen as good investments. The Microsoft Surface Studio has already made a splurge since launching back in October 2016 and parts of Europe are next on the agenda.

The Microsoft Surface Studio will start its European invasion this July. France will get the first crack at the all-in-one with the rest of Europe following in September. But while that may sound like a bonus for techies in France, the flexible solution will only be available in limited quantities according to MS Power User.

So far the Microsoft Surface Studio has left a good impression. Aside from being a flexible all-in-one machine, the AIO is seen as a perfect ally for people into creative drawing or designing. Artists can get a big boost from the Surface Pen to come up with their visuals though it can be used alternatively to watch great videos with a pull-on 28-inch screen.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Studio is simple and elegant. It does come at a hefty price (about $3,000), something that may make consumers think twice. Buying decision will likely depend on how they assess the features and figure out if this is actually a device they can maximize. Aside from the creative things one can do, there is also the basic features such as web browsing or checking emails, Mashable reported.

For those still unfamiliar with the Microsoft Surface Studio, it comes in various configurations. There is a Core i5 and i7 available. For those who place premium in graphics rendering, there is a a GTX 965M and GTX 980 M GPU available as well. Other specs include 2 TB of internal storage and 32GB of RAM. The final SRP will depend on what a user wants in terms of features and specs.

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