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Android 8 Latest News: Google To Introduce Big Features To Android 8; Copy Less & A Map Feature Coming Soon

Mar 17, 2017 08:40 AM EDT

Google has not disappointed at all since it first began rolling out updates for Android OS. If it sticks to its release patterns, that only means that Android users will have a lot to be excited about when Android 8 finally rolls out. Every update to Android has always had users excited since 2012.

Android 8 could boast a line up of awesome features that would make the open-ended operating system even more productive than it had ever been before. The system has always been loved due to its non-restrictiveness, as well as its seamless functionalities. It looks like things are about to get much better.

Yahoo! Tech reports that Google is working hard on a feature called Copy Less which it plans to bring to Android 8. This feature saves a lot of time by allowing the OS to copy data automatically to clipboards. However, this is not exactly new. This can actually be done on keyboards where, while typing a specific word, Google quickly comes up with the word the user is looking for. Whether or not Copy Less will be an added feature or will be reintroduced as an entirely new thing remains to be seen.

According to BGR, another feature that could be brought to Android 8 is Intelligent Content. iOS users are no strangers to it. This is an evolution of an existing feature that would let a user tap on a location in a text message. Google Maps then automatically pops up that location. This feature has been on iOS for quite some time already and sources say that it is already making its way to Android.

Other reports say that Google is trying to make things more seamless for the upcoming Android 8. Another innovation would involve introducing gesture-based actions in which certain apps would be launched by doing certain movements. For example, if a user shakes his or her phone, this would unlock it or if one draws a letter C on the screen, this would bring up the contacts screen.

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