May 24, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

Various Titles on Sale for All Playstation Consoles

Mar 17, 2017 05:56 AM EDT

With the recent launch of Sony's Playstation 4 Pro console from Sony, the Japanese manufacturers also rolled an update that reportedly lets users upgrade the existing storage on a Playstation 4 Pro console to better capacities. After a successful wave of client updates, all Sony consoles will now be witnessing popular deals for some of its successful titles, also with an included promotion. Act fast before it all ends on Apr. 11.

Sony has decided to introduce a sweet deal through an added promotion that lets buyers pay for a game and get another for free, that's currently only eligible for a PS4 console. The following details from GameSpot reported that the 2-in-1 promotion from Sony is currently restricted to Playstation 4 deals only. When users buy an enlisted game, they'll be able to unlock a select title from Playstation network(PSN).

Among those included in the list are "Firewatch", the classic survival game. Other titles on sale are "Gone Home", "The Banner Saga 2" and everything else which are sold at US$20. The deal will only last until Apr. 11 that'll let users grab a free copy of a game of their choice among those on sale. "Batman: Arkham Knight" from WB is also on sale at a discounted price of US$6 from $10. Its predecessor "Arkham Origins" is available at US$8 on the PSVita while the deluxe edition is available on the PS3 for $10.

Newly released titles like "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and "Steep" from Ubisoft is expected to be sold at a price of $30 each while numerous Persona titles are retailing at $5 on Playstation Now. British daily tabloid The Sun also listed some more titles which include "Mortal Kombat" and "Red Dead Redemption", available on Playstation Now. The report also mentioned that Sony rolled out an update that lets players stream online currently restricting it to Playstation 3 only.

Playstation in their blog mentioned that they will begin a private testing phase for the Playstation 4 games on Playstation Now also highlighting that users will not be able to log on to PS Now on select consoles and TV displays beginning Aug. 15 this year. After August, PS Now will only function on PS4 Consoles and ironically desktop PCs.


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