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Apple Spring Event 2017 Latest News & Update: iPad, iPhone and MacBook Device Refresh Anticipated This April

Mar 01, 2017 08:06 AM EST


Apple has remained silently in the background alongside Samsung, saving its best for a later date. There is growing belief that all that could kick off this Spring, a time when the Cupertino company surprises many. But the question right now is what do Apple loyalists have to look forward to? Will it be a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook?

By now most are aware of the word going around that new iPad Pros are imminently coming. All that could happen by April where three new models will be offered. The three new iPad Pro 2 variants will include a 9.7-, 10.5- and 12.9-inch variant, a lush mix that hopes to address customers in the right segment. From the mix, the iPad Pro 10.5-inch variant is looming as the recommended buy and will reportedly even get a bump in resolution (2224x1668) according to Forbes.

Though the iPad Pro 2 variants are leading the expectations, don’t just count out an iPhone or Mac out. Last Spring, most were treated to the iPhone SE so another smaller rendition that could be cost-friendly as well could pop up. If not a budget device, Apple could add some flavor to the iPhone 7 with reports of a new color option (red) potentially debuting, 9 to 5 Mac Reported.

A MacBook could also be in the mix if the Cupertino company is ready. As most know, there were a lot of disappointed folks on the MacBook Pro 2016 for being underpowered. That version still came out with an Intel Skylake chipset and was limited to only 16 GB of RAM. With the Intel Kaby Lake SoCs out in the open, there is a (slim) chance that an improved version could come out even if anticipation is for later this year, Cult of Mac reported.

Do not discount as well the possible debut of an Apple Watch. A potential release of refreshed wearables sporting new colors and specs could be made. Whatever it is, the Apple Spring special event is something folks are eagerly awaiting.

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