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‘Attack On Titan' Chapter 91 Predictions, News & Updates: Annie Finally Awakens from Her Crystal State? Eren and Marley to Battle by the Ocean?

Feb 26, 2017 08:02 AM EST

"Attack on Titan" fans are speculating about Eren's fate in Chapter 91. Eren recently saw the ocean for the first time, where he is rumored to meet Marley. Annie is also expected to awaken soon.

In the latest chapter of "Attack on Titan," titled "Shingeki No Kyojin," Eren and his companions gained new hope after a recent discovery. They found out that the titans were actually human beings who were also part of the People of Ymir, a race who resided inside the Walls and struggling with the same situation. They realized that they are prone to various threats outside the Walls, so they chose to stay safe and work together within their boundaries.

The titans found out that they are deemed as monsters by the outside world. In response, they formed teams to search and hunt down the rogue titans that pose a threat to their existence. Eren and his team reached the ocean, beyond of which their true enemies are located. The latest "Attack on Titan" chapter moved the characters closer to the big truth.

There are speculations that a new race or continent may be discovered in "Attack on Titan" Chapter 91. It will also mean the introduction of new characters that may be friendly or hostile. Eren will be more determined to protect the Eldians from any coming danger. Eldia is expected to acquire more advanced technology and weapons to battle the titans better.

Fan predictions on Reddit stated that there are also rumors that Marley may appear with their ironclad warships for Eren to battle. The latter may succeed and acquire the ships to move across the ocean. Others said that the ocean panels story in "Attack on Titan" closed properly, so it is unlikely for Marley to show up at the same time that Eren first see the ocean.

Many "Attack on Titan" fans also believe that Annie will finally awaken from her comatose state in Chapter 91. Annie is one of the initial titans who were shown and has been absent for quite some time. During the early parts of the story, Annie and Eren battled in their titan forms. The former crystallized herself for protection. She survived but must remain inside a hard shell. It is still uncertain why Annie would return, but other fans think that a flashback of her story is more likely if she stays crystallized.

Powerful titans are expected to be introduced soon. "Attack on Titan" Chapter 91 by HajimaIsayama will launch on Mar. 8, 2017 at $1.99. More updates and details are expected to follow.

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