Feb 22, 2017 | Updated: 05:11 AM EST

Samsung VR Studio For NY VR Enthusiasts

Jan 25, 2016 02:33 AM EST

NY virtual reality fanatics receive even more sweet treats. Samsung announces to the guests at the recent Sundance Festival that it will open a VR Studio in one of its existing offices in the city that never sleeps.

Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics America Inc., the official mobile sponsor of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, fascinated the crowd attending this year’s celebration held at Park, Utah City, as guests were given the chance to try the company’s VR headset. The company incites the guests that it is setting up a VR Studio that will advance the delivery of VR content to its Gear VR headset users. Nothing more is mentioned regarding the project except that it will be located in one of the existing Samsung offices, CNET reports.

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The Sundance Film Festival continues to bring the most creative storytellers in unison with the most exciting audiences for its annual programme of dramatic as well as documentary films, shorts, installations, performances, panel discussions, new frontier films and also dynamic music events. With a troupe of keen observers and film enthusiasts ready to explore advances in technology to complement film experience, Samsung is sure to see more users of the gear after it is made available in the market last week.

To make its effort available to movie makers, as well as other creative, the company will collaborate with the Sundance Institute, a source told CNET. The statement indicates that it will be a one-year partnership. It is foreseen that the VR will play a huge role in the coming festival—a central attraction perhaps for next year’s film festival attendees, instead of being on the sideline for traditional films.

Mathieu mentions that virtual reality is one of the major trends and topics this year. He also stressed that the company is making VR more accessible by collaborating with the finest in the industry. This is to ensure that they will be able to distribute a continuously developing library filled with engaging and rich content for the company’s Gear VR that is made possible by its newest Galaxy devices.

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