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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Rolls Out The Creepier Zombies In Time For Halloween

Oct 21, 2015 09:41 PM EDT


Plants vs. Zombies 2 rolled out a new update, in time for the Halloween creepies. It was updated on Oct. 20, and the anti-zombies team at EA Games brought back the “Lawn of Doom” theme, which is accessible via the daily “event” games.

The Lawn of Doom first made its appearance on Oct. 24, 2014. It would be easy to think that zombies are already scary, but for the Lawn of Doom series, the zombies got a tad scarier: There is the Frankenstein Gargantuar, with the Bride of Frankenstein as its imp, and the other zombies were dressed in a skeleton costume, with Jack O’ Lantern-style noses and hats with Jack O’ Lantern faces on them.

In the 2014 installment of Lawn of Doom, EA Games released the Ghost Pepper, which kills zombies by thorough “haunting,” which essentially looks like “yelling” at the zombies, surrounding them with tiny ghosts that suck up their energy and eventually cause them to expire. When the Ghost Pepper is boosted with Plant Food, it turns into a giant Ghost Pepper, which haunts a range of four by three tiles.

For 2015’s installment, Lawn of Doom 2, EA Games released the Jack O’ Lantern, which shoots out a flame that goes up to three tiles when it is tapped. Tap once, and the flame shoots out just once. Tap and hold, and the three-tile-long flame keeps burning the zombie, until you let go. When fed with Plant Food, five to nine random tiles on the lawn are immolated with a green flame, burning up the zombies that are on them. There is no pattern to which tiles will get the green flames, so there is no way to target specific rows. It is a good move to use for zombie swarms, however, and wipes them out en masse, just as they approach your plants.

The latest “world” within the game is still the Neon Mixtape Tour, and EA Games published a playlist for the world on Soundcloud, featuring the background music used in Neon Mixtape Tour. The playlist is also on their blog:

Neon Mixtape Tour was released in two installments, which EA Games called “Side A,” and “Side B.” The theme is 1980s disco: The zombies are dressed in horrible 1980s fashion and intensify their attacks as the music turns up and a disco ball with Dr. Zomboss’ head appears on the screen. The different zombie types will intensify their attacks, depending on the type of music played. As for the list of which zombie will respond to which genre, here is a more comprehensive guide:

The Lawn of Doom 2 event will last from Oct. 21 to Nov. 1, 2015. So update your PvZ 2 installation, enjoy the event, and grab the Jack O’ Lantern before the event ends.

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