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Adblock Plus Debuts On The Google Play Store, Promises To Keep Content Ad-Free

Sep 10, 2015 11:18 PM EDT

Let’s face it, the Internet, Androids, and Freemium apps run on ads. That’s how everybody monetizes the content they provide “for free,” and that’s how they rake in the dollars. However, what if you’re a user who just wants to consume your content peacefully and not be inundated by these calls to buy this, buy that, subscribe to this, or that? Adblock Plus may be your solution.

The Adblock Browser for Android had been rolled out as a Beta app in May 2015. Since that time, it had enjoyed over 300,000 downloads, and was tested by 78,000 users for bugs. The Adblock Plus browser that rolled out this week is an improved version, as Eyeo GmbH, creators of Adblock Browser and Adblock Plus, partnered with Salsita in creating the Plus version.

Adblock Plus was built on top of Salsita’s Kitt browser, and uses JavaScript in order to stop ads from running on the browser. The app claims to save up to 50% in data usage from ad loading, as well as 20% of a device’s battery life.

Android runs heavily on ads, so this comes as a welcome alternative. In spite of the fact that Opera Mini and Opera Max are engineered to save data usage on mobiles, these browsers still display ads, which may, in fact, impede browsing. If you ever read a Huffington Post, Daily Mail, or yet another ad-heavy news website article and saw that you couldn’t get around one big ad block smack dab in the middle of the article, Adblock Plus will fix that, as it eliminates the ads altogether.

Eyeo GmbH proudly assures the public that their Adblock apps are backed by the Open Source community, which makes the app’s core code transparent, and open for bug reporting. And in spite of the snags they met with the Google Play store, being kicked out of it at one point, they’re finally back, front and center, with Adblock Plus.

This comes as welcome news, as overstimulated users and content consumers need not hear of the next big thing in products and services, which they can probably bump into when they browse on their desktops. Everything from Google to Facebook is peppered with ads anyway, and an end-user who may want to relax by reading blogs and news pieces on their mobiles deserve that ad-free content consumption experience.

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