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Mobile Commerce Sales Reach $100 Billion in 2014

May 16, 2014 09:27 AM EDT

Mobile Commerce Sales will reach $100 Billion this year. Forrester recently released the latest five-year online retail forecast which highlighted projections of $294B in eCommerce sales across 30 retail categories in 2014, expected to grow to $414B by 2018. By 2018, Forrester expects that online sales will account for 11% of total US retail sales. The key drivers of growth in the online channel? The increased penetration of mobile devices, including tablets, and greater wallet share shift to the web channel from online buyers, all driven by rich web offers from online merchants.


Companies like Amazon have been testing this year new mobile concepts. A device was tested by Amazon in efforts to further develop its AmazonFresh service in markets San Francisco and Seattle. Features such as adding voice or barcode scan were enabled for testing. These concepts add more user convenience with mCommerce purchases.

By 2014, worldwide mobile commerce will reach $352.7 billion. Staples is investing $250 million towards the development and integration of its online and mobile presence. Consumers have largely kept up spending levels this year. The company is focused on multichannel, multidevice, customer convenience in US mobile to expand its e-commerce offerings and has great cash growth potential.

Staples is already strong online. Staples has 100,000 products available in its warehouses or from suppliers that ship directly to customers. Staples retail and online strategy aims to  increase investment in its online businesses, reorganize its operations, implement leadership changes, initiate a multi-year cost savings plan, and restructure its International Operations. “Staples is investing to provide a superior multi-channel shopping experience through the use of our websites, mobile assets and stores,” said Brian Tilzer, Staples SVP, global e-commerce.

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