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First Ever Android SMS Trojan Aims At US Users

May 02, 2014 10:58 AM EDT

The  First Ever Android SMS Trojan Is Being Aimed At U.S. Users. According to researchers at Kaspersky Lab, they had never seen an Android SMS Trojan targeting users in the United States. That has now changed states the company with the emergence of an Android Trojan known as ‘Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.ef’ (FakeInst).

The geographical distribution of Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.ef infections

Kaspersky Lab Expert Roman Unuchek explained that he has never really understood why SMS Trojans failed to take off in the U.S. Roman Unuchek describes in a recent article that FakeInst was detected by Kaspersky Lab back in February 2013; since then, 14 various versions of it have emerged. The earlier versions were only capable of sending messages to premium-rate numbers in Russia. But by mid-2013 other countries appeared on the “support list.” Another Trojan, Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.ef, targets users in 66 countries, including the U.S.. This is the first case the researchers have found involving an active SMS Trojan in the United States.

Android can support password policies for its devices and delete them remotely if security risks may be compromised.  It is important for the enterprise to make sure mobile security adheres to security programs. Android users can create and govern the right IT guidelines for its employees. Other areas to consider protecting are limiting sensitive mobile data being transferred, leveraging MDM software for password encryption, monitoring mobile devices, performing security assessments for Android and assessing priority threats across the infrastructure.

Android applications should be able to interact and access specific features such as the device camera, GPS, SMS and more to test for security. Once the application is decompiled, a review is conducted for application vulnerabilities. Android has decompilers available in beta version as a security tool to provide insight and analysis.

Limiting risk here is important for these security issues. With minimizing risk in PINS, like most security issues being able to balancing risk against convenience is important. Finding ways to ease PINS risk with organizations using helpful tools and articles such as these are great information to know. Acknowledging and setting such industry standards will boost confidence as well. Concern and Trust within security has had dramatic effects. A lot of the changes also result due to corporate governance and regulations. It's critical that organizations still must continue and learn to adapt, thrive and grow in these circumstances. Technology's role is critical to enable such strategies.

Mobile threats, malware pose significant risks within Android OS. With the right mobility tools security and privacy advances can be accelerated in offering opportunities. Security solutions and tools should drive overall focus on the organizations outcome. Having more standardized tools that leverage both privacy and security advances best. 

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