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Free SDKs and APIs For Android Developers Mobile Security

Apr 08, 2014 11:35 AM EDT


Free SDKs and APIs For Android Mobile Security are available through tools and information for Developers.IT most certainly is vital in building out security and I've often seen organizations drop security on the laps of the IT departments because of this. Everything ultimately revolves around IT, some way, some how, in this modern age, so it's natural that IT be considered when planning and executing security policies.

The Android 4.4 API  offers new features for users and app developers. The Android 4.4 system image and SDK platform is available for download from the SDK Manager. A device running Android 4.4 can be used to test on the Android emulator. Apps can be developed against the Android 4.4 platform to begin using the latest APIs.

Google’s Android application with the Google Analytics SDK beta5 or higher enables native Android app installs to advertising campaigns and marketing of Google Analytics app reports. With Google’s Android Analytics platform, users can measure across various devices and environments.

Mobile SDK is an entry point for developers who are creating an Android mobile app. Mobile SDK 2.1 is open-source. The SDK is now available for Force.com and Database.com developers. Salesforce Mobile SDK supports development of HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps.

Android updates include SQLCipher to v2.2.2. The update will support Android 4.3 (Jellybean) and Android 4.4 (Kit Kat). Mobile SDK also includes functionality to merge Android Manifest files from its library. PasscodeActivity was also added. The 2.1 version features new functionalities and also library updates.

Mobile SDK also will support push notifications pilot registration. The  push delivery notifications will support connected apps. The SDK will also provide a convenient option to develop REST request for Salesforce uploading, downloading and file sharing. SmartSync for REST endpoints will enable custom endpoints such as REST APIs and Apex through Force.

Information in the wrong hands is something very crucial. Companies and their IT Information security teams need to ensure that portables such as mobile and computers do not contain confidential business information. Information carried on Android phones and laptops need to kept minimal, users could login to the network using a VPN.

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