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Google's Prediction API

Apr 02, 2014 11:05 AM EDT

Google's Prediction API offers a way for Android developers to build smarter apps. The Google Prediction API is the only cloud service that allows businesses to access this depth of sophisticated machine learning with only a few API calls and by utilizing the flexibility of Google Storage. The company’s cloud platform offers a variety of Android mobile developer solutions.

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App Engine is Google’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Develop your application easily using built-in services that make you more productive. Deploy to a fully-managed platform and let Google carry the pager. Just download the SDK and start building immediately for free with no credit card required. Google manages versioning, guarantees a strong SLA and provides a simple API that allows you to manage your data programmatically.

The Google Drive API for Android is temporarily for use of a local data store in case the device is not connected to a network. According to Google’s Developer Blog, no need to worry about failed API calls in the user’s app because the user is offline or experiencing a network connectivity problem.  Google explains that data stored locally in this fashion will automatically and transparently be stored in the Google Drive cloud by Android’s sync scheduler when connectivity is available to minimize impact on battery life, bandwidth, and other resources.

The API for Google Drive is available at Google Play Services. The latest release of Google Play services is now available on Android devices worldwide. It includes new Turn Based Multiplayer support for games, and a preliminary API for integrating Google Drive into your apps. This update also improves battery life for all users with Google Location Reporting enabled.

Android Developers can view all the available Google Play Services by clicking here.

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