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Amazon's Mobile Ads API

Mar 27, 2014 11:40 AM EDT

Amazon's Mobile Ads API continues to expand to the Amazon Mobile Ads service. The company recently announced a new promotion for developers to earn a guaranteed $1.50 CPM on banner ads throughout this month and April 2014. The offering is for serving mobile ads through the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

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According to a recent blog post, Amazon Mobile Ads API includes events that can aid users in understanding performance of ads displayed on their apps.The posts goes on to state that users have the ability to track when an ad is successfully displayed from the Amazon Ad Network, how long a user views an ad, and when the  user opens or closes a rich media expandable banner ad.

These events should help the user track and better understand user behavior in apps when ads are being shown. With a guaranteed CPM of $1.50 for banner ads displayed on qualified apps during March and April (up to 2 million impressions per app per month), there has never been a better time to get started using the Amazon Mobile Ads API.

“The biggest contribution Amazon provided us in monetizing our apps was through superior eCPM in their Mobile Ads SDK, which performed 215% more than other Ad Networks, and a 77% fill rate in our Word Breaker app. Amazon Mobile Ads allowed us to quit our day jobs. - FireCracker

The mobile advertising market is poised for strong growth. Amazon Mobile Ads API was first launched in 2013. Since then, Amazon has seen developers successfully monetize their apps, earn high CPM and achieve high fill rates with quality ads from Amazon and brands like Philips and Duracell.

Developers can learn more about how to qualify on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution blog.

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