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Android 4.4 APIs

Mar 17, 2014 12:47 PM EDT

Android 4.4 (KITKAT) is a new release for the Android platform. The Android 4.4 API  offers new features for users and app developers. The Android 4.4 system image and SDK platform is available for download from the SDK Manager. A device running Android 4.4 can be used to test on the Android emulator. Apps can be developed against the Android 4.4 platform to begin using the latest APIs.

Wikipedia entry described an API as code which“Specifies how software components should interact with each other.” A Web API is described as: “A set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages, along with a definition of the structure of response messages, which is usually in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.” The Web API can be defined without the technical specifics as: “An interface to a software component that can be invoked at a distance over a communications network using standards based technologies.”

Printing Framework Android now includes a complete framework that allows users to print any document using a printer connected over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other services. The system handles the transaction between an app that wants to print a document and the services that deliver print jobs to a printer. The android.print framework provides all the APIs necessary to specify a print document and deliver it to the system for printing.

Industries such as video, music, app-driven car services, travel, news, ARM Chips and books have held software advantages. 3Scale describes demands place enormous strain on infrastructure and involve multiple departments, from marketing and business development to internal operations, often appearing disconnected. As a result, while the strategic imperative of software is obvious, execution is far from trivial. In the next chapter we cover how APIs can help structure software deployments in a new way that makes many of these challenges much easier to address.

Android devices running on 4.4 can use a set targetSdkVersion to "19". Advanced software allows competitive advantage for organizations. Using social and mobile elements accelerates the shift to the cloud. According to 3Scale, Internal processes are starting to be automated, the first step to becoming optimized and more.

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