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Appthority App Risk Management

Mar 03, 2014 10:38 AM EST

Appthority App Risk Management provides service that employs static, dynamic and behavioral analysis to immediately discover the hidden actions of apps and empower organizations to apply custom policies to prevent unwanted app behaviors. Only Appthority combines the largest global database of analyzed public and private apps with advanced policy management tools to automate control over risky app actions and protect corporate data.

According to a recent Appthority blog post, the National Cyber Security Alliance recently promoted its internationally recognized annual holiday, Data Privacy Day. The theme of Data Privacy Day, “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, and Enabling Trust,” came just on the heels of new revelations from the N.S.A. around how they target mobile. The company indicated that the New York Times, the National Security Agency let it slip that they use mobile apps as a method to access personal information. These “leaky apps” such as the popular gaming app Angry Birds give away things such as smartphone identification codes and pinpointed locations throughout the day.

There is big data potential. The potential to transform health care but structural issues may pose obstacles. Privacy issues will continue to be a major concern. McKinsey estimates $300 billion to $450 billion in reduced health-care spending could be conservative, as many insights and innovations are still ahead. Training initiatives is great. eMarketer estimates that digital pharma US ad spending will reach $1.19 billion in 2013 and climb to $1.33 billion by 2016. This market has remained cautious in its investment strategies following regulations and standards.

Organizations objectives should reach results of quality risk management impacting the overall pharmaceutical quality system. The areas could be evaluated when implemented and also potential opportunities to improve could be identified. The companies that are successful today are collaborative, nimble, smaller and multidisciplinary. Applying compliance to these ecosystems is a priority. The traditional model is going away. Acquisitions of licensing is in a lot of momentum now.

C-Level and supporting senior management would make a significant impact on governance in Pharma. Controlling risk and regulations is a big issue for the industry. Emerging threats could be prevented with patience, time investment and allocating the right resources available. Compliance is a time consuming process.

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