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Review of Android Journal Apps

Feb 18, 2014 11:20 AM EST

Mobile Android apps offer an easy and convenient way to keep an online journal. For users on the go, a mobile application captures just the same life moments whenever the user feels like writing. Droid Report recommends using the mobile app for Android which has the right interface and up to date features. Users can now find social sharing, page tagging, web services, archives and apps to automatically complete a users statuses, photos and more.

Below is a Review and List of Top Android Journal Apps:

My Private Journal

My Private Journal App for Android at Google Play is a free version of "My Private Journal" is an Android application that allows users to keep a journal of daily activities, tasks completed, doctor visits and more. Users simply choose a category such as Home, Business, Family, Friends, Ideas, School and type in a title and details. It time and date stamps entry. Tap any journal entry and it will appear on a new screen by itself, tap it again to edit it.

Day Journal

Day Journal Android App offers a private diary. Available for Android versions 2.3 and higher, Day Journal is a private diary app which helps the user record their life. Collect, record and organize thoughts, ideas and experiences with photos, audio, emotions, categories, tags, weather and location data. It won't take long before the user builds up a wonderful collection of memories which they can then export or share in a number of different formats.

Memo Journal

Memo Journal for Android Memo Journal is the new application name for This Journal (Free Version). Use Memo Journal to write journals and diaries wherever and whenever. Add photos, audio or video files and use In-app billing has been added to make the app ad free. Create events, one time or recurring and get notified. Search for journals and protect access to your journals by enabling password. Auto backup a database to SD card and more.

My Journal

My Journal at Google Play Android app offers Android users the opportunity to write all their experiences, emotions and unforgettable moments in a fast and easy way. My Journal is a manager of diaries that adapts to user needs. Using it is as easy as creating a diary dedicated to a specific topic (e.g., for personal use, work,...) and start writing. The notes will be registered at the time, always maintaining an organization by date. Thanks to the paging system, My Journal allows the user to visualize as many entries as they want, making navigation as simple as possible.

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