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Wearable Glasses XOne

Jan 28, 2014 11:30 AM EST

XOEye Technologies is a company aimed to reimagine industrial business processes with HD recording and streaming eyewear and a third-party developer ecosystem. XOEye Technologies recently announced its first-person OV sharing wearable eyewear and software stack. The latest XOne was launched earlier this month. XOne features industrial-grade glasses capture high fidelity business data in real-time and provide live video streaming and audio collaboration, delivering best-in-class solutions for manufacturing/industrial sector.

XOne Industrial-grade POV Eyewear Key Features and Highlights:

Hardware Layer

  • A sleek, robust eyewear form factor; safety-grade plastic/glass, prescription lenses available,

  • HD video recording using a 5 mega-pixel camera with options to record locally, live stream for real-time

  • Microphones and speakers for two-way audio communication and collaboration,

  • Suite of sensors, including gyroscope and accelerometer for data measurement.

Firmware and Software Layers

  • Device runtime provides a rich framework for custom wearable application development,

  • Uses rich API’s in provided SDK package,

  • Cloud-hosted device and service management suite allows users to organize and manage the content

“In today’s increasingly distributed workplace with remote workers and field technicians performing many business-critical frontline work and customer interactions, there is a clear market opportunity to record these events and even stream them to other personnel for remote support and oversight,” said Aaron Salow, CEO XOEye Technologies. “There are myriad applications for this technology, and internally our focus is on creating highly targeted solutions for key industrial segments like IT, field services, and manufacturing. We’re also aggressively looking for entrepreneurs, visionaries, developers and partners to pursue other markets, which is why we are actively moving forward with our open API and our developer portal.”

About XOEye Technologies

XOEye is pioneering a renaissance in the way manufacturing, industrial and widely distributed organizations operate with industrial-grade HD recording and streaming eyewear for frontline employees. Its XOne eyewear is robust and hardened for the rigors of everyday industrial use, featuring a 5MP CMOS for HD video recording, live streaming and still photos along with high-fidelity audio capture. Now, business processes like training, remote support, sales, service and auditing can be supported remotely while improving productivity and service quality. XOEye’s XOS firmware operating system and cloud-based Vision application suite are accessible through its Open API and Developer Portal, offering entrepreneurs and developers access to a world of real-time, enterprise HD video recording and streaming possibilities.

XOne eyewear will be available in Q2 2014. Specific models, color and pricing will be announced in mid-February.  

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