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What Makes A Great App Developer?

Jan 10, 2014 11:44 AM EST


As the Android landscape expands, developers must test even more than before. Having the right skill sets for today is crucial for Android developers. A great app developer also is able to build an app with the consumer purchase in mind. What sets apart successful apps than the others is the ability to return a high installation rate from the app.


User experience and user satisfaction is a highly important element. Being an Android developer in the 21st century delivers plenty of new opportunities. A product that is desirable to consumers and listening to customers is crucial. It is very important to build a customer based influence model that would maximize its marketing impact

Many correlations are similar to developers having to be much like an artist. Because developers  have to be able to deal with code this is a skill one should be educated with and have an experienced level understanding of the specific tools. Being able to transfer and deliver to the organization's culture is where that urge for being artist can be significant.  The process is common formulations within the sciences.

The marketing and cross functional departments have been working with Android and app development but still its recently. These areas focus on raising questions that concern the customer. So they are more creative questions based on business outcomes - What are our customers talking about? Is the response positive or negative?  When you reference the educational backgrounds of the technical and marketing departments, from the CTO to the CMO and from the Engineer to the Marketing Specialist the backgrounds are from having degrees in  marketing to having degrees in computer science.

An Android developer in business should be adaptable to that organization he may be working for. A hiring organisation should look for someone with the right technology skills, objective oriented, detailed and task focused. In business today, if a developer can deliver value and provide more, his being able to improve on and do more with apps ROI rather than simply building it is a desired skill. Finding a mentor within the industry is crucial for new developers within their field. Having both formal education and experience combined helps, but success can come from within and the developers ability to adapt to the evolving space as well being able to be creative, interpersonal (from a management perspective) and think out of the box as well be highly technical is important.

What makes a great app developer? Share your thoughts here.

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