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Android Data Visualization

Nov 26, 2013 05:42 PM EST

Data visualization involves data that can be represented graphically. Visual data for Android users is basically how tools convert raw data into meaning or understanding. Today’s organizations adopt data visualization for data exploration and also to communicate. Here are some high quality data visualization apps available for Android users.

Android Data Visualization Apps:


MATLAB Mobile’s app requires uses to have a MATLAB license that is current on MathWorks Software Maintenance Service. Android users can then connect to MATLAB remotely from their Android smartphone or tablet. MATLAB Mobile™ is a lightweight desktop on your Android device that connects to MATLAB sessions.


Octave App for Android is a free app for users. The app also includes the latest features. Droidplot is required for plotting to work. The app can be installed to an SD card or to internal storage. Octave holds u to 100MB of internal storage. The app also allows users to add .m files and a .octaverc startup file at the location specified by the HOME.


The pressureNET app is a data visualization app which consists of a global network of crowdsourced atmospheric pressure readings. The data features an embedded Google map with a goal is to improve weather forecasting for everyone on Earth by dramatically increasing the availability of live data that describes the atmosphere. Devices with barometers include: Galaxy Nexus Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 Galaxy Note Galaxy Note II (2) Galaxy Note 3 Nexus 4 Nexus 10 Xoom RAZR MAXX HD Xiaomi MI-2 Droid Ultra and more. The beta version for pressureNET is also available.


Space Mapper

The Space Mapper app maps the spaces as Android users move and conduct their daily activities. This app is currently being used by researchers at Princeton University to study human mobility. Features include: refresh GPS, store, map, and analyze one’s own movement patterns and to view them in three dimensional spacetime and more.

The market is growing significantly for data visualization. Data visualization is expected to evolve as more real-time and interactive for users. As the technology improves we can expect the tools to become faster. Improvements will make data visualization easier to develop for developers. Organizations can now leverage data-discovery tools to gain insights and make sense of complex data sets. The growth of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets now make it easier for users to connect to data in real time. Data-visualization enables convenience in visual analysis. 

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