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Duolingo Review

Oct 21, 2013 01:54 PM EDT

Like many folks, I fancy myself a man who is constantly learning. I also am a budding polyglot, so when I saw that Duolingo was in the education section of the Google Play store, I was extremely pleased.

For all of you who want to learn a new language without taking classes or paying an enormous amount of money, Duolingo is your new favorite app. Offering support for Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French, Duolingo allows the user to learn a new language by categories -- like conjunctions, greetings, or food. The lessons test your speaking, translating from both the language you're learning and from the language you already know, and listening skills. The learning is cumulative, so you practice older concepts while learning new ones.

The feature that separates Duolingo from countless other language services is the way the learning feels like a game. When you are tested on a category, you can miss three answers before you lose; once you've lost all three lives, it's game over! The competitiveness to learning offered by Duolingo can make you more likely to commit to actually learning the language. If you're not a beginner, but are starting out as an intermediate learner or even advanced, you can test out of the first few levels and get started with something a little more difficult. From personal experience, I can say that this is the best app for learning a language, and I would pay at least $5 for it. However, I didn't have to because all of these features are free! I started learning German and am working on getting better at my Spanish, which I was already fairly good at.

All in all, Duolingo is a great download that can get you on your way to being able to leave the translating book at home and finally go on that trip abroad. I strongly recommend downloading this app.

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